“Being stripped of financial wealth cultivates internal grace.”
~Kristina Dodge


Kristina Dodge is an award winning writer, TV personality, film producer, businesswoman, national speaker and single mother of four.


In 2009, Kristina and her family lost everything in the financial meltdown. In what felt like the blink of an eye, the family went from flying in private jets to standing in a line for food stamps. This is the story of the American Dream found, lost and reclaimed through hard work, perseverance and love of four daughters.


In the midst of doors closed, bankruptcy and the spread of the negative media, Kristina turned to a familiar lifestyle she thought was the lesser road. She discovered the higher road, was the more difficult one that she veered off earlier in life. It’s the road where you don’t take a short-cut. Born and raised in Omaha, to poor immigrant parents, rolling up the sleeves, working hard, being hungry and an outcast was a typical family day.


In the years since her former husband's bank was taken over by the FDIC, Kristina weathered public scrutiny, lost friendships, divorce and debt. Eventually, she literally found herself digging in dirt to get to her new career. Both when writing and speaking publicly, her message centers on grace under pressure and finding internal strength.


Kristina moves you to the edge of your seat, while teaching you to “cultivate impossible.” You will be filled with hope and belief in hard-working, good people. After hearing her story, you too will want to take the more difficult road to find your internal grace.


Kristina's career highlights include being the host of the Telly Award Winning talk show - “Dialogue with Doti & Dodge," the executive producer on the feature film “The Annihilation of Fish” (starring James Earl Jones and Lynn Redgrave) and the author of a book is due for publication in 2017. Her story was recently featured on Inside Edition and on Germany’s RTL TV.

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