“Kristina Dodge has a unique ability to connect with audiences, share captivating stories, and provide meaningful, lasting wisdom all at once. All of this is done with humor, grace, and a genuine sense of humility. As a speaker and moderator at the California Women’s Conference, I have been overwhelmingly impressed with her skills and talents in front of a group—but more than that, I’ve been impressed by the heart that each of her presentations is imbued with.”

-Michelle Patterson, Chairwoman,

California Women’s Conference

"Anyone who is fortunate to spend time with Kristina Dodge knows they are in the presence of someone very special.  She is the epitome of courage and inspiration when facing a life challenge or crisis that seems too much to bear.  Kristina's personal, triumphant story will touch your heart deeply and inspire you to new levels of what you thought possible. It is extraordinary that grace, courage, beauty, and so much love can come together in one package.  I highly recommend Kristina's presentation to anyone struggling to overcome life's great trials, tragedies, or transitions.  Once you hear her story, you will truly understand that nothing is more powerful than the human spirit. "

 -Carrie Flintom, Founder, Heroes in Heels

“Kristina is one of those rare speakers a person looks forward to seeing in action.  She is articulate, perceptive and highly informed. Her speeches are imbued with sharp insight, clear organization, objective reasoning, and just right touch of humor. She exudes charm! Indeed, she is so good, I watch and listen to her carefully—not only because of the topic but to see what I can pick up to improve my own speaking ability.”

-Jim Doti, President, Chapman University



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