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Highlights from recent episodes of Chapman University's long-running series, Dialogue with Doti & Dodge. Deepak Chopra, Andrew Carroll, Elie Wiesel, Joel Kotkin, Ivan Lowell, "the Candy Bomber," and more. Featuring hosts Jim Doti, Chapman University president, and Kristina Dodge, Chapman trustee.

IVana Lowell

Fighting alcoholism, sexual abuse, searching for her biological father, and dealing with multiple family deaths is all in the memoir of Ivana Lowell, author of "Why Not Say What Happened?" Daughter of Lady Caroline Blackwood and heiress to Guinness beer, Lowell talks about her mother's marriages to Lucian Freud, Israel Citkowitz and Robert Lowell. She shares her troubled childhood, her battle with alcoholism, and how she managed to overcome it all.

Kelly Gray

Kelly Gray, Royal Underground, tells of meeting Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and starting a fashion company with bassist Nikki Sixx.

Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook discusses recent public interest in Ayn Rand's novels and his perspective of global events. He is president of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, a columnist and a frequent television guest contributor.

Senator George McGovern

In 2010, the late Senator George McGovern visited Chapman University and was a guest on "Dialogue with Doti & Dodge." He discussed his storied political career, including his run for the U.S. presidency and his historic stand against the Vietnam War, and his book, "Abraham Lincoln."

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